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Food and Drink at Mingary Castle

Ùir Menu - from the Scottish Gaelic dictionary meaning 'Earth, Soil'. Our chefs mean to give you an experience of where you are in the world putting nature first.

"The style of food at Mingary Castle showcases a perfect balance between highly creative food and being heavily inspired by nature. This means that we only cook what is at its best taking advantage of the micro seasons within the season. While also remaining as local and sustainable as the immediate framework allows us to be. We do most of our own foraging and farming to have a closer connection to the food that we serve."

Iain Nicholson, Head Chef

Due to the creative approach we have at Mingary Castle our food, service and style are all subject to regular change. One thing that does not change is the abundance of meat available on our Estate, Ardnamurchan Estate of course, as all our beef, venison and lamb is sourced from the 10,000 hectares of wild, rugged and spectacular ground on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

Our dinner menu is usually between 7 and 15 courses although we can adjust to more suit your palate, should you want.

Mingary has a wonderful dining room where you will be invited at 7.30pm to take your seat with the rest of the castle guests after enjoying a drink from the bar in the drawing room, we have no specific dress code for dinner but dressing up is always fun and fitting in the castle setting.

Please have a look at our manifesto and sample menu to better give you a glimpse of the dining experience that awaits you. Do remember the menu changes daily and varies greatly by season.

Highland Hospitality

You will be met with a hearty welcome at the end of your journey where you will be given a tour around the castle and an opportunity to explore, then you can sit back, relax and let us take care of you and your family and friends.



"To all who made this possible and the staff that makes this place so special, unique and welcoming, thank you. Our next visit will not be soon enough.


David, Dallas, TX